Incredible Small Apartment Design and Decor Ideas To Inspire You

A small apartment presents a number of challenges for its residents. Where do you store all your things? Where do you entertain your guests? How can you live without feeling overwhelmed? These small apartment designs and decorating ideas will show you how to do it in style.

If you have the choice to paint the walls, a modern palette of gray and white offers a way to refresh your space. But, don’t worry if you don’t have the option to paint the wall. There are many decorating ideas that will allow you to change spaces without using a brush on the wall. Hint? Think of large vinyl graphics that stick to the wall without glue.

Incredible Small Apartment Design
Incredible Small Apartment Design

Minimize your furniture to fit the space you have. A small sofa and soft chair suitable for a living room. The small bedside table and storage basket are both beautiful and practical in the bedroom. Using open shelves and headrests allows eyes to roam in space, visually expanding it in the process.

Add storage wherever you can. Carefully placed hooks on the wall, a set of small shelves, and multi-purpose furniture are all important. Which idea makes you think?

Think Tall and Small

This petite loveseat is the optimal size for this small living room. The graceful lines of this beautiful rug set the tone for this room. Tall windows deserve taller window treatments. Bringing the drapes so high creates a visual expansion of the space. A glass coffee table allows the eye to continue moving through space.

Think Tall And Small
Think Tall And Small – Source:

Tall Storage and Room Divider

Living and entertaining in a studio apartment can be socially daunting because your bed is right next to the sofa. This tall shelving unit is the solution to keeping these spaces separate without blocking the light. The shelves allow light to filter through while still offering a visual separation of the space. The open shelves allow access from both sides.

Tall Storage And Room Divider
Tall Storage And Room Divider – Source:

The Beauty of Built-In Bunk Beds

Space is at a premium in a small bedroom. When two brothers need to share a small room, space becomes even more precious. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with twin beds, a built-in bunk bed offers a better solution. Each bed is its own space, complete with light and storage. Privacy is just a draw of the curtains away.

The Beauty Of Built-In Bunk Beds
The Beauty Of Built-In Bunk Beds – Source:

Make Your Entryway Work for You

Having a small entryway can be a challenge, especially if you have younger children. Where do you put the stroller? How about on the back of the door? This small entryway has been decorated and organized with the family’s needs in mind. Hooks, bins, and shelves keep things off the floor, while the clock and calendar keep things in order.

Make Your Entryway Work For You
Make Your Entryway Work For You – Source:

Hopefully, the above inspiration can provide more ideas in decorating your small apartment today. Good luck.

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