Best 10 Home Wall Decorative Ideas That Will Enhance Your Decor

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If you try to decorate a small house, sometimes you feel your choices are limited. And although there’s not much you can do to add square footage, there are many ways to make your small apartment feel perfectly integrated. The key is to take advantage of the largest open space on your wall.

The empty walls are filled with various possibilities and some additions can make a small apartment feel comfortable and stylish, not stiff and narrow. No matter your style, there are tricks that can strengthen your walls and highlight your personality and taste. Whether you are an art collector, a nature fan, or a book lover, your walls can be adjusted so that you can be surrounded by things you like.

Home Wall Decorative Ideas
Home Wall Decorative Ideas

Herringbone Pattern Wall Variations

Line motifs are not always horizontal or vertical. You can apply line motifs with a neatly arranged herringbone pattern to give a dynamic impression to the room. Not only that, the addition of herringbone line motifs can be varied by adding lines randomly so that the room does not seem stiff and more casual so as to increase your comfort.

Herringbone Pattern Print
Herringbone Pattern Print – Source:
Modern Geometric Herringbone
Modern Geometric Herringbone – Source:

Additional Accents on Plain Walls

The line motif design can also be used as an additional accent in the room as in the inspiration above. So that the walls are not plain, the light blue and old lines are added horizontally to the upper area of ​​the bedroom so that they are more attractive. Do not forget to also adjust the use of furniture so that it looks harmonious and does not seem too crowded.

Fireplace Wall Paint Ideas
Fireplace Wall Paint Ideas – Source:
Dark Green Couch
Dark Green Couch – Source:
Beautiful Living Room Accent
Beautiful Living Room Accent – Source:

Harmonious Soft Pastel Wall

If you want to bring a calm and comfortable feel, you can adopt a pastel-colored stripe design like the one above. Not only that, the use of pastel colors online motifs can make the room brighter, clean, and harmonious with various models of furniture because it includes neutral colors.

Soft Pastel Oversized Geometric
Soft Pastel Oversized Geometric – Source:
Interior Wall Painting Colour
Interior Wall Painting Colour – Source:
Interior Design Trends For Your Home
Interior Design Trends For Your Home – Source:

Contrasting Wall Color as a Room Focus

This one line motif design is very suitable to be applied in the playroom or children’s bedroom. Consisting of very contrasting colors, this room is ready to make children more cheerful and uplifting. Not only that, but you can also use a line motif on the wall as a means to introduce the types of colors to your little one.

Colour Block Walls In Your Living
Colour Block Walls In Your Living – Source:
Wall Decor Living Room
Wall Decor Living Room – Source:

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