Awesome Small Laundry Room Design Ideas You Have To See

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It’s too easy for the laundry room to turn into a dark cupboard full of dirty clothes. Make household chores more interesting by making the room where you do it. A friendly laundry room will encourage everyone at home to participate in work. Our list of small laundry room design ideas will help you to enjoy the area around your washing machine and dryer (maybe for the first time). You are proud of the rest of your house, why not love your laundry room too?

You don’t need a ready-made basement or a maid’s residence to have a friendly laundry room. This list includes design ideas for even the smallest spaces and budgets. All you need is a small paint, some organization tools, and this laundry room gallery.

Awesome Small Laundry Room Design
Awesome Small Laundry Room Design

With the right design, you can even use your laundry room for other tasks such as home office work or crafts. Add a rustic wooden table that functions as a folding station and iron, or get much needed extra storage space with a shelf wall. After the makeover, you will definitely enjoy your laundry more often.

Rustic Retro Laundry Room Concept

One of the laundry room ideas for this cheerful laundry center with a washing machine and front-loading dryer utilizes the empty space above the machine by running a rack that is wide enough to store laundry items safely behind it. The instructions painted on the wall inspired by the laundromat gave this space a bit of humor.

Rustic Retro Laundry Room Concept
Rustic Retro Laundry Room Concept – Source:

Comfortable Rustic Laundry Room

The idea of ​​a laundry room in this space utilizes the warmth of wood. The shelves stretched over the washer and dryer and there was enough space next to them to store the trash for sorting. Metal bins are on the first shelf while detergents and other bins are on the second shelf within easy reach.

Comfortable Rustic Laundry Room
Comfortable Rustic Laundry Room – Source:

Laundry Pocket Rotates Accent Wall

Some homeowners’ laundry centers are found in a niche in the long hall. Although some people don’t mind their washing machines and dryers exposed, others prefer the area to be hidden when not in use. One idea of ​​a laundry room is to hide the area behind the sliding barn door. In this scheme, a bright blue sea door that echoes the color of the bottom of a French window curtain.

Laundry Pocket Rotates Accent Wall
Laundry Pocket Rotates Accent Wall – Source:

Beautiful Laundry Room of the French Province

Who says plants and art have no place in the idea of ​​a homeowner’s laundry room? In this tiny room, the black and whitewashing machine and dryer scheme of the front dryer is repeated on intricate floor tiles, black and white framed photographs and black window frames. The texture of the grass woven basket reflects the bamboo from the roll-up shade. Living potted plants soften the overall appearance.

Beautiful Laundry Room Of The French Province
Beautiful Laundry Room Of The French Province – Source:

How? Are you interested in trying the ideas above? Hopefully, the ideas above can give you a smart idea to make your own laundry room.

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