15 Most Popular Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas You Have To See

For us the bathroom is part of the house that has an important function, in fact, it seems like there is no house that does not have a bathroom in it. Nowadays there are so many bathroom designs that can be applied in your bathroom. Starting from minimalist, modern, classic, to traditional. But from that design, it seems to have been used by many people. What about the open bathroom design concept?

It will sound strange because the bathroom is part of a private room and is usually closed. However, by using the concept of an open bathroom, it will make you feel the natural atmosphere of privacy even though you are bathing. Minimalist open bathroom design here is a bathroom space that is designed open but there are still restrictions such as walls or tall plants.

Most Popular Outdoor Bathroom
Most Popular Outdoor Bathroom

However, many outdoor bathroom design ideas are widely applied in rural or mountainous areas. The villagers are very happy with the open concept and can see the sky directly. this concept may not be suitable for applications in densely populated environments due to its rhythmic conditions so privacy is not guaranteed in open bathrooms.

In fact, the level of air pollution in cities is so high that it might not be suitable for you to apply in urban areas. This form of open bathroom design is also often used in resorts and villas with the aim that visitors can blend in with the natural environment even when bathing.

Most Popular Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas You Have To See

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