12 Smart and Elegant Wood Creation Ideas You Have To See

Have used wood that is unused? Don’t just throw it away! With creativity, used wood can you magic become various useful and functional things for your home, you know!

Confused about how to use used wood that has not been used in your house? Take a look at the design inspiration of recycling used wood into the following useful objects!

Smart And Elegant Wood Creation
Smart And Elegant Wood Creation

1. Wall Decoration From Used Wood

The easiest way to juggle used wood is to make it part of home decor. One of the creations that you can emulate is the decoration of this one wall. Try stacking used pieces of wood vertically and connect them to a dynamic model. Used wood can now beautify the walls of your home.

Wood Wall Art Large
Wood Wall Art Large – Source: pinterest.se
Rustic Display Shelf Decorative Wall
Rustic Display Shelf Decorative Wall – Source: pinterest.ca
Reclaimed Wood Wall Art
Reclaimed Wood Wall Art – Source: pinterest.co.uk

2. Versatile Wall Hangers From Used Wood

Create more functional used wood creations by making simple vintage wall hangers. By providing hanger accessories on wood, now used wood that has no value can be useful. You can put this wall hanger as a towel hanger in the bathroom, or in the kitchen as a place to hang cooking utensils or kitchen spices.

Pallet Wooden Reuse Diy
Pallet Wooden Reuse Diy – Source: palletsplatform.blogspot.com
Cheap Wood Wall Coat Hanger
Cheap Wood Wall Coat Hanger – Source: m.alibaba.com
Wooden Hanger Storage Ideas
Wooden Hanger Storage Ideas – Source: 24.moolton.com

3. Credenza Unique Recycled Used Wood

Don’t limit your creativity when processing used wood. One of them is by making additional furniture at home using used wood that has not been used. Enough with saws, drills, screws, and of course used wood, you can already have a unique credenza table like this, you know.

Reclaimed Wood Credenza Cabinet
Reclaimed Wood Credenza Cabinet – Source: gennexgroup.com
Credenza Recycled Used Wood
Credenza Recycled Used Wood – Source: odr.co.il
Turn A Broken Down Cabinet
Turn A Broken Down Cabinet – Source: refurbished-ideas.com

4. Present Wood Trays

You can also present various household needs by processing used wood into the present wooden tray. Not only can it be used according to its function, namely trays, this DIY creation is also quite interesting as a decoration to decorate the coffee table or credenza at home. Simple, but still looks aesthetic.

Exciting Oversized Ottoman Tray
Exciting Oversized Ottoman Tray – Source: jonathankeren.com
Wood Hexagon Ottoman Tray
Wood Hexagon Ottoman Tray – Source: duzyayla.com
Rustic Coffee Table Tray
Rustic Coffee Table Tray – Source: noblewh.com
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