12 Simple Living Room Decoration Ideas to Look More Beautiful

The guest room is the first area entered by guests who come to visit your home. No wonder if this space gets considerable attention from homeowners.

A simple living room can still look beautiful and homy with the addition of some appropriate decorations. Those of you who are looking for living room decoration ideas can see the following ideas as a source of inspiration:

Simple Living Room Decoration
Simple Living Room Decoration

1. Decorate with Green Plants or Bright Flowers

Take advantage of green plants or brightly colored flowers as a decoration for your living room. If your room is dominated by a certain color such as white, then adding flowers will give the color needed in the room. Don’t forget to use a vase with a unique color, motif or shape. Placing green plants in the corner of the room can also be an option to give a cool impression to those who come to visit.

Indoor Plants A Breeze Away
Indoor Plants A Breeze Away – Source: dhatoday.com
Beautiful Living Room With Decorative Plants
Beautiful Living Room With Decorative Plants – Source: usdecorating.com

2. Display Favorite Paintings

Display the painting you like as part of the living room decoration. Painting is a personal touch that can add character in the room. You are free to choose any type of painting of any size according to the room.

Canvas Wall Art Living Room
Canvas Wall Art Living Room – Source: modance.biz
Living Room Paint Color
Living Room Paint Color – Source: rainbowotel.com

3. Floor Carpets with Beautiful Motifs

You can also use the floor carpet as a decoration for your living room. Floor carpets are available in various types of sizes, models, shapes, colors, and motifs. You can give the impression of luxury with fluffy or contemporary carpets with patterned carpets. Different impressions and atmosphere can be raised with different carpet usage.

Simple Design Delicate Carpets
Simple Design Delicate Carpets – Source: aliexpress.com
Acquistare Tessili Per La Casa Delicate
Acquistare Tessili Per La Casa Delicate – Source: zipy.it

4. Hanging Lights as a Source of Lighting

Currently, there are various types of chandelier or chandelier designs, ranging from those that seem complicated to simple ones. Why not install a chandelier in your living room? Apart from being a source of lighting, a chandelier also functions as part of the decoration of the living room to give a beautiful appearance even if it is not turned on.

Inspiring Decorative Living Room
Inspiring Decorative Living Room – Source: dorp.us
Case Hanging Lights For Living Room
Case Hanging Lights For Living Room – Source: bioloid.info

5. Unique Wall Art

Nowadays wall decoration is present in various shapes and shapes. The choice of wall art available today is so diverse, so it’s not impossible you will find something you like and make it a living room decoration.

Inspirational Living Room Decor
Inspirational Living Room Decor – Source: wallpaperhdrfree.com
Home Decorators Collection
Home Decorators Collection – Source: hometown-hobbies.com

6. Reflect the Light with the Mirror

For those of you who have a small living room, you can use a mirror to reflect light to create a bigger and brighter room. Also, get a double function of the mirror as a decoration for the living room by choosing a unique mirror design and shape.

Floor Mirror In Living Room
Floor Mirror In Living Room – Source: doskaplus.info
Big Mirrors For Living Room
Big Mirrors For Living Room – Source: rooftopsolarsolutions.com
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