10 Wonderful Design and Decoration Bedroom Inspiration for You Try

Privileges of a bedroom design already cannot be underestimated, because the design and decoration of the bedroom will determine your comfort in sleep. Especially with the addition of a monochrome color palette, the demand will definitely increase. Likewise in the design of this bedroom. The bedroom is very useful as a place to rest should be warm and healthy eyes.

The owner of the room can rest quietly and cleanly. Although room decoration on polka dot walls and carpets, bed sheets with various colors to suit your personality will be interesting when applied, but this minimalist design will still impress perfectly with the created aesthetic value that does not fade away with time. Like some design inspirations and bedroom decorations that I have chosen for you to try.

Wonderful Design And Decoration
Wonderful Design And Decoration

1. Bohemian

Present bohemian nuances with no natural themes such as flora / fauna-patterned mattresses, wood or recycled wood wall hangings, and living plants in clear vases that are ‘down to earth’.

Bohemian Bedroom
Bohemian Bedroom – Source: tr.pinterest.com

2. White on white

The white palette gives the impression of a wider and brighter space, suitable to be applied to a small space. In order not to be monotonous, combine various textures and motifs on mattresses, sheets, walls, or carpets.

White On White
White On White – Source: officialyfootlocker.com

3. Modern masculinity

Simplicity is the main DNA of a masculine style interior. Neutral colors with furniture accented firmly, not only present masculinity but also modernity. ‘Soften’ room decor that seems sturdy with geometric textured accents on carpets and wall paintings.

Modern Masculinity
Modern Masculinity – Source: dfoto.me

4. Boys Will Be Boys

Boys are generally very ‘loyal’ to their hobbies, once they find their favorite activities. Parents can decorate their daughter’s room according to the theme suggested by a hobby or choose favorite fiction.

Boys Will Be Boys
Boys Will Be Boys – Source: dapoffice.com

5. Ralph Lauren’s Nautical

Ralph Lauren with a distinctive design style that has a Nautical theme, can be an inspiration for a chic, casual but stylish room. Play decorations with Nautical icons such as stripes, zigzags, and shades of black and white or navy blue.

Ralph Lauren's Nautical
Ralph Lauren’s Nautical – Source: domogarov.info

6. Classy Versace

The hotel rooms at Palazzo Versace, Dubai, are classically styled, elegant and magnificent that offers the feel of the Victorian era. Bring a luxurious atmosphere in a room with carved beds, baroque motifs, and bed linen.

Classy Versace
Classy Versace – Source: visualitineraries.com

7. Live Green

Green presents a feeling of relaxation. Choose several types of green in the arrangement to make it look more dynamic. Starting from pale green, vanishing to bright green.

Live Green
Live Green – Source: bestbuycoupon.info

8. Scandinavia

Simple, minimalist, dominant neutral colors and maximum natural lighting are characteristic of Scandinavian-style interiors. Suitable for those of you who like practicality. In order not to be monotonous, add texture and motif to the room.

Scandinavia – Source: cincinnatiques.org

9. Playground

Empty space can be used as a mini play area in a child’s room. You can roll up brightly colored carpets, comfortable sofas as well as low-legged shelves so you don’t need a place too much and don’t save the movement of active children.

Playground – Source: yandex.com.tr

10. Girl Sanctuary

Your little daughter needs a private place to relax and play alone. Why not make a small tent in the room as a place to imagine as freely as possible in a creative way.

Girl Sanctuary
Girl Sanctuary – Source: vashpovar.com
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