10 Fabulous Unique Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Best Inspiration

The bathroom is part of the dwelling which usually has a small portion of space but with an important role. Imagine how much time you spend in the bathroom?

So, no wonder many people give more effort to the design of the bathroom that he has. Not only comfortable, but many also dare to experiment with bathroom designs to create many unique bathroom designs. Are you also interested in presenting a unique bathroom to your home? Here’s the inspiration for a unique bathroom design that might be implemented in your home.

Unique Bathroom Design
Unique Bathroom Design

1. Unique Bathroom with Mosaic

Ceramic mosaics or stones arranged in mosaic may be unfamiliar as bathroom decorations. But this will be unique if you arrange the mosaic to form a certain pattern or image.

Rooms With Mosaic Tile Contemporary
Rooms With Mosaic Tile Contemporary – Source: dohalu.wordpress.com
Lake Balaton Villa
Lake Balaton Villa – Source: szenmolnar.carbonmade.com

2. Unique Bathroom with Garden

Bathrooms are usually made closed to maintain a sense of comfort and level of privacy. But this does not apply to unique bathrooms that are open and have this garden. By providing vegetation and open space, air circulation certainly makes your bathing activities more refreshing.

The Bathroom Shouldn’t Be Forgotten
The Bathroom Shouldn’t Be Forgotten – Source: interior-design-s.appspot.com
Most Sophisticated Shower Design
Most Sophisticated Shower Design – Source: otapictpic.online

3. Unique Futuristic Bathroom

For modern dwellings, the unique futuristic bathroom concept might be suitable. Although it looks simple, a unique bathroom with a futuristic concept can make the residence more elegant and luxurious.

Futuristic Bathroom Design
Futuristic Bathroom Design – Source: ignant.com
Futuristic Bathroom Adasdesign
Futuristic Bathroom Adasdesign – Source: adasdesign.eu
Unique LASAGE – Source: evermotion.org

4. Unique Bathroom with Natural Stone

For those of you who want to create a natural impression on the bathroom but do not want to open a unique bathroom with a garden, you can use the rock material as your unique bathroom decoration.

Best Interior Stone Wall Ideas
Best Interior Stone Wall Ideas – Source: homebnc.com
Beautiful Design Balinese
Beautiful Design Balinese – Source: bestpatogh.com
Asian Style Bathroom Designs
Asian Style Bathroom Designs – Source: modernismhome.com

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