10 Fabulous Minimalist Dining Tables Ideas For Your Romantic Dinner

The dining table is the main furniture that must be in the dining room. It’s the function? Clearly to put the food so that all family members can enjoy food comfortably without having to hold the plate constantly. Among the many dining table models, the most popular among the public is a minimalist dining table.

The minimalist dining table itself has various types, such as a minimalist folding dining table or a minimalist dining table made of glass. To avoid being curious again, just look at some minimalist dining table designs that you can use at home!

Fabulous Minimalist Dining Tables
Fabulous Minimalist Dining Tables

1. Minimalist Dining Bar Breakfast Table

This minimalist dining table in the form of a bar usually blends with the kitchen island or other kitchen parts. The shape is elongated and quite high, around 125 cm to 150 cm. To be able to enjoy the food at this minimalist dining table, you must use a chair with high legs too. The breakfast bar is suitable for enjoying drinks and snacks while chatting casually.

Modern Scandinavian Design
Modern Scandinavian Design – Source: pinterest.ch
Modern And Minimalist Dining Room
Modern And Minimalist Dining Room – Source: pinterest.fr

2. Minimalist Dining Table With Pedestal Legs

In addition to a minimalist dining table with 2 table legs, there is also a dining table that only has 1 table leg. This minimalist dining table is called a table mat. This type of table generally has a round and medium shape. The table legs are in the center of the table with a number of beams as the base.

Single-Leg Round Pedestal Table
Single-Leg Round Pedestal Table – Source: vermontwoodsstudios.com
Round Pottery Barn Table
Round Pottery Barn Table – Source: carpartcorp.com

3. Minimalist Folding Dining Table

Need an additional minimalist dining table when there are many guests coming? You can use a minimalist folding dining table like this. When not in use, you can store this folding table in the warehouse.

Modern Rectangular Glass Extendable
Modern Rectangular Glass Extendable – Source: sohomod.com
Interesting Foldable Dining Table
Interesting Foldable Dining Table – Source: lee-pace.org

When you want to use it, you can open the flip and place it in the desired place. This minimalist folding dining table is suitable for those of you who live in small residences or often hold meetings in the backyard.

4. Japanese-style Minimalist Dining Table

When looking at ancient Japanese films, you will often find a minimalist dining table with short legs. This short-legged minimalist dining table is called Chabudai.

Traditional Sento Japan
Traditional Sento Japan – Source: quazoo.com
Japanese Table
Japanese Table – Source: www.cybevasion.fr

Because the legs are short, people who eat around this table should sit cross-legged using a pillow in the form of a sitting pillow. If you use a dining table like this, can you sit cross-legged for a long time or not?

5. Minimalist Dining Table With Glass Material

Minimalist dining table with glass material has several advantages. Among them is a small dining room that can look more relieved because the table is transparent. In addition, the room will also look brighter. Glass material is also easy to clean.

Classy Modern Dining Room
Classy Modern Dining Room – Source: architectureartdesigns.com
Top Minimalist Dining Room
Top Minimalist Dining Room – Source: homeinteriordesigninfo.com

However, this type of minimalist dining table also has several disadvantages such as materials that are easily broken when hit by collisions. When eating, you also have to be careful not to cause scratches. Therefore, a minimalist dining table with glass material is not recommended for families with children who are still actively engaged.

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