10 Best Minimalist Living Room Curtain Design Ideas For More Enchanting

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Curtains are window and door covers made of fabric with various attractive colors. Every year, the design of the window coverings is increasingly attractive. Along with the development of interior design, changes in curtain design also experienced rapid progress.

Beautiful curtains that cover the window or door of the house can provide a big change in the overall interior of the room. Door curtains, for example, can add to the aesthetic value of space. That’s why many people are willing to spend time having beautiful curtains with material and a beautiful look to decorate their homes. One of them that is currently popular with many people is minimalist curtains.

Minimalist Living Room Curtain
Minimalist Living Room Curtain

1. Minimalist Geometric Motif Curtains

For your home window, you can use a long curtain hanging on the ceiling or above the window lattice. One of the minimalist curtains that you can choose is a geometric motif with a bright base color. The geometric decoration is an ornament that uses various elements on a line.

New Europe Geometric Blackout
New Europe Geometric Blackout – Source: aliexpress.com
Geometric Curtain
Geometric Curtain – Source: shopee.com.my

2. Ombre Minimalist Curtains

The ombre motif is liked by many people. Not only applied to clothing but you can also choose this unique and artistic motif for minimalist curtains. This minimalist curtain is the right curtain design for a modern minimalist home. Its unique style makes many people want the design of curtains with this color gradation.

Ombre Minimalist Curtains
Ombre Minimalist Curtains – Source: build.4-u.info
Black Ombre Curtains
Black Ombre Curtains – Source: rock-cafe.info

3. Two Layer Minimalist Curtains

A two-layer minimalist curtain can give the impression of elegance and sweetness in the room. Not only that, but this minimalist curtain also has many functions. Among them, this minimalist two-layer curtain can help you control the light entering the room.

Window With Heavy Drapes
Window With Heavy Drapes – Source: arlas.info
Grey Curtains Are A Must Houseofbeyonce
Grey Curtains Are A Must Houseofbeyonce – Source: pinmash.com

4. Black Minimalist Curtain

This color usually tends to be shunned because it looks dark. Though this minimalist curtain is very beautiful if installed in a minimalist home that gives rise to a blend of monochrome colors. Black curtains without this motif will make the room feel spacious and also give a modern impression to your home.

Room With Black Walls Curtains
Room With Black Walls Curtains – Source: basillawerks.com
Black Blackout Curtains
Black Blackout Curtains – Source: qetred.ru

5. Minimalist White Thin Curtain

Thin white minimalist curtains always match any home design. Placement of the upper pole that does not cover all windows is intentionally done to provide natural lighting at the top For example, close to the lights.

Thin White Minimalist Curtains
Thin White Minimalist Curtains – Source: pinterest.ru
Large Window Curtain Ideas
Large Window Curtain Ideas – Source: homebuildplan.info

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